Panoweaver Panoweaver 8.20 Professional Edition for Windows

Easily create panoramic images

Panoweaver, the user-friendly panorama software, is not only a professional photo stitching tool but also a great Flash panorama publisher. It can automatically stitch any type of photo into high quality full 360 degree or partial panoramic image, supporting HDR creation and manual stitching by inserting matching points. You can save and print your favorite panoramic images as well as publish them into HTML 5 VR for viewing on your iPhone/iPad, Full screen html based Flash VR, Standalone SWF, QTVR and Java based VR after you've integrated hotspots, Google map, ect.

Fisheye Photo Stitching

With Professional Edition and Batch Edition of Panoweaver, you can stitch fisheye images into full 360*180 spherical panoramic image with a few steps, offering you a shotcut to be a professional in panorama stitching. There are three types of fisheye image: full circular fisheye image, drum fisheye image and full frame fisheye image.

Normal & Wide-Angle Photo Stitching

You can take images with any device with camera and import them into Panoweaver to get full 360 or partial panoramic image. You can aslo stitch multi-row images for stitching high resolution panorama. Just make sure there are overlapped area among the adjacent images.

Panorama Publishing

Not only can you save your panoramic image for further editing in Tourweaver, you can publsih it into a virtual tour with different formats as well. The most popular Flash and HTML 5 in addition to QTVR are all supported.

Little Planet Effect

The artistic little planet panorama is also one of main points of this professional panorama softwware. You will find it easy to get such artistic effect and convert between little planet panorama and normal view.


Have some unexpected objects in your photos? Now you can use Mask feature to cover all those things before stitching them togethers. This anti-ghost tool will help you address the problem that happens in overlapped pictures and offer you perfect panorama.

Share at Facebook

It will never be easier to share your panorama on Facebook by embeding the whole tour without any coding in Panoweaver. You can upload your panoramas onto, a free virtual tour hosting platform, and then share it with a few clicks.

Bing Map/Google Map

Bing map and most of its features have been supported by Panoweaver and open to all the users. Google map is limited to those who have already had valid API keys. See how to get Bing Map API key and Google Map API key.

Raw & HDR Image Stitching

For professionals, these might be one of your favorites. Stitching raw images and HDR images will bring you more real panorama with perfect experience.
Tripod Removing
This feature will save you a lot of time to retouch your panorama in Photoshop. You can remove the tripod automctically after converting it into cubic panorama. It is simple and easy.

More Others

They are a lot more reasons you will like this great photo stitching software as it provides you with a lot more useful features, which will make your panorama more compelling and more competitive, such as hotspot, 3D music, customizable toolbar and context menu, different blenders, to name just a few. Complete feature list.


Panoweaver Panoweaver 8.20 Professional Edition for Windows

User reviews about Panoweaver

  • "It's a very good software, It is so easy for me to use."

    It's a very good software, It is so easy for me to use. Just click one button, I got a panoramic photo what I want. More.

    reviewed on August 31, 2012

  • Easypano

    by Easypano

    "Easy to use panorama stitching software and high quality image output"

    It offers quite simple workflow to produce panorama from fisheye image. Furthermore, the image quality of the panorama c... More.

    reviewed on June 26, 2007